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ETRUS hosts regular presentations from members. Find more information about upcoming and past presentations here.

2015 Sept 16: Laura Mandell at the U of S

On Sept 16 Wednesday, Laura Mandell from the Department of English at Texas A&M University will be here at the U of S. She's the author of Misogynous Economies: The Business of Literature in Eighteenth-Century Britain (1999), a Longman Cultural Edition of The Castle of Otranto and Man of Feeling, and numerous articles primarily about eighteenth-century women writers. Her recent article in New Literary History, “What Is the Matter? What Literary History Neither Hears Nor Sees,” describes how digital work can be used to conduct research into conceptions informing the writing and printing of eighteenth-century poetry. She is Project Director of the Poetess Archive, an online scholarly edition and database of women poets, 1750-1900 (, Director of 18thConnect (, and Director of ARC, the Advanced Research Consortium overseeing NINES, 18thConnect, and MESA. Her current research involves developing new methods for visualizing poetry, developing software that will allow all scholars to deep-code documents for data-mining, and, as part of the eMOP project, improving OCR software for early modern and 18th-c. texts via high performance and cluster computing.

2015 Mar 19: The Communication Circuit of the Devotional Handbook

ETRUS member and CMRS fellow Amie Shirkie will be giving a talk on "Educating ‘new Schollers in the Schoole of Christianitie’: the Communication Circuit of the Devotional Handbook," Thursday, 19 March 2015, at St. Thomas More College, room 200. Reception at 4:00, talk at 4:30. All are welcome.

Dr. Shirkie graduated from the U of S Department of English with an M.A. before heading to University of Alberta to complete her PhD in early modern English literature.

2014 Mar 21: Introduction to HGIS

Our much-anticipated March 2014 DH Toolbox session:

March 21 Friday
3:00-5:00 pm
Arts 140

Geoff Cunfer presents a Hands-On Introduction to Historical GIS

Geoff Cunfer is an environmental historian of agriculture on the North American Great Plains. He runs the HGIS Lab at the U of S. This session will provide an example of Historical GIS drawn from his own research about prairie land use change during the 20th century. We’ll start with a brief demonstration, and then participants will work through an analysis of aerial photos taken over the past 80 years. No previous GIS experience is necessary. All are welcome.

2014 Feb 27: Getting Started with Text-Mining and Web-Scraping

On February 27 Thursday, Jim Clifford from History will present Getting Started with Text-Mining and Web-Scraping, an informal, hands-on demo and discussion in Arts 140 at 3:30 pm.

Here's Jim's description of what to expect:

I'll introduce everyone to the Programming Historian and to Bill Turkel's website, which are the two resources that I used to get started with coding a few years ago, and I'll discuss my ongoing indecision between coding in Python or Mathematica.

Everyone is welcome; please invite anyone you think will be interested.

2014 Jan 15: Dan O'Donnell on Digital Technology in the Classroom

Here's the first talk by Dan O'Donnell here at the U of S, Jan 15 Wednesday:

Class 2.0: Digital Technology and Digital Rhetorics in the Undergraduate Classroom

January 15, 2014
2:00 pm
Arts 100

2014 Jan 16: Dan O'Donnell on the Visionary Cross Project

This January, ETRUS recommends a presentation being given by Dan O'Donnell (University of Lethbridge) on “Living Out Loud: The Visionary Cross Project and the Public Humanities.”
Thursday, 16 January 2014, at St. Thomas More College, room 200.
Reception at 4:00, talk at 4:30.

All are welcome. The talk is sponsored by CMRS at the U of S.

Nov 15: One River, Three DAMS

Our November 2013 DH Toolbox session:

November 15 Friday
2:30 pm
Arts 140

Craig Harkema presents Digital Asset Management Systems

Come find out how Digital Asset Management Systems (DAMS) can benefit your research project, and learn to add collections to one of the big three: Islandora/Fedora, DSpace, or CONTENTdm.

2013 Oct 25: Intro to Databases

In 2013-2014 our ETRUS presentations will be a series of practical, hands-on demos and workshops designed to introduce researchers to some of the tools in the DH toolbox. Here's our first of the series:

Introduction to Databases
Time: Oct 25 Friday, 2:30-4:00 pm (or come for whatever you can)
Place: Arts 140 (the computer lab)
Presenter: Jon Bath

A brief overview of relational database design and an introduction to Structured Query Language. By the end you should know enough to get this joke:

2012 Aug 29: Scott Schofield on Proximate Notetaking

Proximate Notetaking: Past Practices and Future Possibilities
Dr. Scott Schofield, Implementing New Knowledge Environments

Wednesday, August 29th, 1:30-2:30; Arts 1007, University of Saskatchewan

2012 Apr 5: Barbara Bordalejo on Editions of Darwin

Our April ETRUS presentation will be

Barbara Bordalejo
Changes in the Printed Editions of Darwin’s Origin of Species
April 5 Thursday
3:00 pm
DRC (Arts 145)
University of Saskatchewan

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