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ETRUS hosts regular presentations from members. Find more information about upcoming and past presentations here.

2012 March 5: Brent Nelson on the Digital Ark

A presentation by an ETRUS member that will be of interest to other members:

presents a talk by
Brent Nelson
The Digital Ark: if I build it, will they come? or, some observations on conceiving a digital humanities project
Monday, March 5, 2012
3:30 p.m.,
Arts 217


2012 Feb 29: Medieval Code

Feb 29 Wednesday, 2012
3:30 pm
Digital Research Centre, Arts 145

University of Saskatchewan

Yin Liu, Department of English
gives an informal presentation:
"Medieval Code"

What do trees, laws, telegrams, cryptography, protein synthesis, multilingualism, information theory, alphabets, and medieval texts have in common? If you know, come and share your ideas; if you don’t, come and find out.

All are welcome.

2011 Dec 12: Meet the Interaction Lab

ETRUS is providing an opportunity for interested members to learn about the work of the Interaction Lab at the U of S. The Human-Computer Interaction Lab is a research facility in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Saskatchewan. It carries out research in computer-supported cooperation, next-generation interfaces, computer games, affective computing, surface computing, and information visualization, and is supervised by Carl Gutwin and Regan Mandryk.

2011 Sept 29: Jon Bath on "Imagining Architectures of the Book: or, what Jon did while he was away"

2011 Sept 29 Thursday
4:00 pm
DRC (Arts 145), University of Saskatchewan

Following up on Brent Nelson’s talk from a couple of years ago, I will be discussing the Implementing New Knowledge Environments project and, in particular, ArchBook: Architectures of the Book ( ArchBook is an online reference resource that details the means by which texts have organized information in the past, with an eye towards how these past practices may help us design improved platforms for using and creating electronic texts.

Jon Bath is the Director of the Humanities and Fine Arts Digital Research Centre at the U of S.

All are welcome.

2011 June 27: Jeff Smith on "Creativity as Theft"

Jeff Smith presents "Creativity as Theft: The Honourable and Necessary Art of Stealing From Others In the Pursuit of Creative Expression"

The history of art has a rich tradition of thievery among artists. Honourable thievery. Creativity researcher and fantasy novelist Jefferson Smith will give a public lecture on his research into exploiting creative theft, improving software tool design and appropriating new tools from other fields. This talk will be a blend of research results, anecdotal experience and practical advice for both software developers and fiction writers. Refreshments will be served.

Date: Monday, June 27, 2011
Time: 3:30 pm
Location: Graduate Student Commons (previously Emanuel and St Chad bldg) on the corner of Wiggins and College Dr.

2011 February 17: Richard Harris, "Opening the Gateway to Old Norse Orality"

The February 2011 ETRUS presentation is by Richard Harris, Department of English:

Opening the Gateway to Old Norse Orality: the plan of a portal site for studying the origins of Old Norse/Icelandic literature
2011 Feb 17
3:30 pm
DRC (Arts 145), University of Saskatchewan

U of S Digital Collections Showcase

Want to learn more about digitization projects taking place in the Library?

Mark your calendars for a Library Digital Collections Showcase featuring:

Canadian literature collections (Purdy, Layton, Gustafson, Szumigalski); Pitirim Sorokin collection; USSR in Construction; Saskatchewan Music Collection Digitization Project; Saskatchewan War Experience, UofS Postcard collection; UofS electronic theses.

When: Aug 25, 2010, 10:30 - 12:00 noon
Where: Room 102, Murray Library
Starring: Craig Harkema, Catherine Nygren, Diane Hess, Joel Salt, Richard Belford, David Fox

Architectures of the Book: Implementing New Knowledge Environments

Brent Nelson (Dept of English, U of S) will be giving a presentation on
March 16 at 3:30 pm
in the DRC (Arts 145)

Implementing New Knowledge Environments ( is a major collaborative research initiative to study the history and future of reading platforms and devices. INKE aims to inform and influence new developments in the electronic reading environment by drawing on the achievements and failures of the long history of reading technology from manuscript to print. This talk will present the work of one of the sub-groups of this initiative, the textual studies group, and its central project, ArchBook, an open access knowledge base of the features and functions of manuscript and printed material that enabled and facilitated reading before the digital age.

All are welcome.

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