2011 Dec 12: Meet the Interaction Lab

ETRUS is providing an opportunity for interested members to learn about the work of the Interaction Lab at the U of S. The Human-Computer Interaction Lab is a research facility in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Saskatchewan. It carries out research in computer-supported cooperation, next-generation interfaces, computer games, affective computing, surface computing, and information visualization, and is supervised by Carl Gutwin and Regan Mandryk.

Carl Gutwin has generously offered to come and talk with us about this research. Please come to learn about some very successful computing work at the U of S that has many potential connections with the humanities. We hope not only to find out about the work of the Interaction Lab but also to share a bit of our own work and to explore potential areas of mutual interest. All are welcome, and please pass this message on to others who may be interested.

ETRUS Presentation
Professor Carl Gutwin on the Interaction Lab
DRC (Arts 145), University of Saskatchewan
Dec 12 Monday, 3:30 pm