2012 Apr 5: Barbara Bordalejo on Editions of Darwin

Our April ETRUS presentation will be

Barbara Bordalejo
Changes in the Printed Editions of Darwin’s Origin of Species
April 5 Thursday
3:00 pm
DRC (Arts 145)
University of Saskatchewan

In 1859, after much delay, Charles Darwin published what was going to be his most important work, the Origin of Species. The edition was sold out almost immediately and a new edition was already in preparation. The printed editions of the Origin show more than 17,000 alterations (including minor corrections and changes in punctuation). There are also almost 2,250 changes in sentences, that is, new sentences were added and some others were dropped. With such a vast number of changes it is impossible not to ask the questions “What was Darwin modifying? Was he changing his mind? How much did he alter his original ideas? If he altered the text substantially, why did he do it?”

This paper presents Dr Bordalejo’s latest research on the textual history of the published versions of the Origin of Species and offers a classification of the types of textual variation. It also attempts to answer the question “What was Darwin changing when he modified the text of previous editions?”

All are welcome.