U of S Digital Collections Showcase

Want to learn more about digitization projects taking place in the Library?

Mark your calendars for a Library Digital Collections Showcase featuring:

Canadian literature collections (Purdy, Layton, Gustafson, Szumigalski); Pitirim Sorokin collection; USSR in Construction; Saskatchewan Music Collection Digitization Project; Saskatchewan War Experience, UofS Postcard collection; UofS electronic theses.

When: Aug 25, 2010, 10:30 - 12:00 noon
Where: Room 102, Murray Library
Starring: Craig Harkema, Catherine Nygren, Diane Hess, Joel Salt, Richard Belford, David Fox

David Fox - Introduction
Craig Harkema - standards, workflow, tools, platforms, data migration (OCLC Gateway, etc.), stats, etc.
Catherine Nygren - USSR in Construction, Purdy
Diane Hess - Postcards, Sorokin
Joel Salt - Szumigalski, Layton, Gustafson, SK War Experience, copyright clearance
Richard Belford - Saskatchewan Music Collection Digitization Project
David Fox - ETDs