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ETRUS is a research group at the University of Saskatchewan. Our members are faculty, students, and others, at the University of Saskatchewan and elsewhere, who are engaged in or interested in research on electronic text in any form.

2013 Oct 25: Intro to Databases

In 2013-2014 our ETRUS presentations will be a series of practical, hands-on demos and workshops designed to introduce researchers to some of the tools in the DH toolbox. Here's our first of the series:

Introduction to Databases
Time: Oct 25 Friday, 2:30-4:00 pm (or come for whatever you can)
Place: Arts 140 (the computer lab)
Presenter: Jon Bath

A brief overview of relational database design and an introduction to Structured Query Language. By the end you should know enough to get this joke:

Medieval Codes

Yin Liu, Dept. of English, University of Saskatchewan


The project aims at a better understanding of the processes by which information was encoded, transmitted, and read in the Middle Ages. It focusses on English texts, c. 500 - c. 1500.

Social, Digital, Scholarly Editing conference, Saskatoon, 11-13 July 2013

The Social, Digital, Scholarly Editing
conference will be held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, from 11-13
July 2013
. This conference comes at a critical inflection point in the
transformation of scholarly editing caused by the two massive shifts of
the digital revolution: the movement of all data into digital form and
the creation of new modes of collaboration. For the first: the creation
of massive amounts of data in digital form has already transformed the
basic materials of scholarly editing, while digital tools offer new
methods for exploration and publication. For the second: where scholarly
editing in the past has been typically the work of a single dedicated
scholar, the development of social media opens up the possibilities of
collaborative work across whole communities. These changes affect every
aspect of scholarly editing. This conference will explore the
theoretical, practical, and social implications of these changes.

2012 Aug 29: Scott Schofield on Proximate Notetaking

Proximate Notetaking: Past Practices and Future Possibilities
Dr. Scott Schofield, Implementing New Knowledge Environments

Wednesday, August 29th, 1:30-2:30; Arts 1007, University of Saskatchewan

2012 Apr 5: Barbara Bordalejo on Editions of Darwin

Our April ETRUS presentation will be

Barbara Bordalejo
Changes in the Printed Editions of Darwin’s Origin of Species
April 5 Thursday
3:00 pm
DRC (Arts 145)
University of Saskatchewan

2012 March 5: Brent Nelson on the Digital Ark

A presentation by an ETRUS member that will be of interest to other members:

presents a talk by
Brent Nelson
The Digital Ark: if I build it, will they come? or, some observations on conceiving a digital humanities project
Monday, March 5, 2012
3:30 p.m.,
Arts 217


2012 Feb 29: Medieval Code

Feb 29 Wednesday, 2012
3:30 pm
Digital Research Centre, Arts 145

University of Saskatchewan

Yin Liu, Department of English
gives an informal presentation:
"Medieval Code"

What do trees, laws, telegrams, cryptography, protein synthesis, multilingualism, information theory, alphabets, and medieval texts have in common? If you know, come and share your ideas; if you don’t, come and find out.

All are welcome.

2011 Dec 12: Meet the Interaction Lab

ETRUS is providing an opportunity for interested members to learn about the work of the Interaction Lab at the U of S. The Human-Computer Interaction Lab is a research facility in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Saskatchewan. It carries out research in computer-supported cooperation, next-generation interfaces, computer games, affective computing, surface computing, and information visualization, and is supervised by Carl Gutwin and Regan Mandryk.

2011 Nov 1: Chad Gaffield on Universities in the Digital Age

ETRUS members at the U of S should take note of this event:

Helping re-imagine universities in the Digital Age
Chad Gaffield

PhD, FRSC, President
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

4:00 p.m.
November 1, 2011
Convocation Hall, University of Saskatchewan

Universities are among the few institutions that can trace their history to the Middle Ages. One key reason is their ability to adapt to changing internal and external forces.

2011 Sept 29: Jon Bath on "Imagining Architectures of the Book: or, what Jon did while he was away"

2011 Sept 29 Thursday
4:00 pm
DRC (Arts 145), University of Saskatchewan

Following up on Brent Nelson’s talk from a couple of years ago, I will be discussing the Implementing New Knowledge Environments project and, in particular, ArchBook: Architectures of the Book (http://inke.ischool.utoronto.ca/archbook). ArchBook is an online reference resource that details the means by which texts have organized information in the past, with an eye towards how these past practices may help us design improved platforms for using and creating electronic texts.

Jon Bath is the Director of the Humanities and Fine Arts Digital Research Centre at the U of S.

All are welcome.

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