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ETRUS is a research group at the University of Saskatchewan. Our members are faculty, students, and others, at the University of Saskatchewan and elsewhere, who are engaged in or interested in research on electronic text in any form.

2011 June 27: Jeff Smith on "Creativity as Theft"

Jeff Smith presents "Creativity as Theft: The Honourable and Necessary Art of Stealing From Others In the Pursuit of Creative Expression"

The history of art has a rich tradition of thievery among artists. Honourable thievery. Creativity researcher and fantasy novelist Jefferson Smith will give a public lecture on his research into exploiting creative theft, improving software tool design and appropriating new tools from other fields. This talk will be a blend of research results, anecdotal experience and practical advice for both software developers and fiction writers. Refreshments will be served.

Date: Monday, June 27, 2011
Time: 3:30 pm
Location: Graduate Student Commons (previously Emanuel and St Chad bldg) on the corner of Wiggins and College Dr.

2011 February 17: Richard Harris, "Opening the Gateway to Old Norse Orality"

The February 2011 ETRUS presentation is by Richard Harris, Department of English:

Opening the Gateway to Old Norse Orality: the plan of a portal site for studying the origins of Old Norse/Icelandic literature
2011 Feb 17
3:30 pm
DRC (Arts 145), University of Saskatchewan

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